VIP Level

The Megamax Mega Sun is a classic Level 1 tanning system designed to give a deep dark, natural looking tan in just 20 minutes maximum time. It uses thirty-two 100-watt reflector body lamps surrounding the tanner to give an evenly bronzed result. Avid tanners who want to get a fast and even golden tan will find that this machine is more than capable.

This oval shaped tanning bed has a curved acrylic bottom that allows for an even coverage while tanning, while open ended base and head areas give a consistent flow of ventilation. Its classic design has a lift up cover that allows for easy access and exit.

Integrated Ventilation  |  Built in Music System  |  Curved Acrylic Bottom  |  32x100W Body Lamps

PLUS Level


The Mega V is an upright Level 3 tanning machine that is designed to give you a full-body tanning experience from head to toe. In order to give a quick, intense and a deep dark tan, the machine has been configured with 42 VHR lamps with 160 watts of power. The lamp configuration is positioned close to the tanner’s body for a higher concentration of UV light which in turn makes for a faster tanning process.

Built-In Timer  |  10 Minute Max Tan Time  |  Audio System with Sound Control

KBL 4000

The KBL 4000 is designed to provide you with a quick and efficient tan in quick 15 minutes. To make your tanning experience more pleasant, an easy to use touch control panel is added together with contoured surfaces that add comfort to your tanning session.

36 RUVA Lamps  |  3 High Output Facial Tanners  |  Integrated Music System  |  Built-In Turbo Fans  |  Touch-tronic Digital Control System  |  Central Air Outlet System

GOLD Level

The KBL 5600 is a level 3, medium pressure tanning system designed to provide a quick and efficient tan within 12 minutes. Its overall sophisticated design is made using high quality workmanship.

megaVoice System to Guide Clients  |  ACS Intelligent Technology  |  47 x 160 VHR Body Lamps  |  4x500 watt Facials


Matrix L28

The MATRIX has 28 high-pressure UV-A lamps, with 5 tanning units arranged radially around the user’s body – 6 lamps on each upper unit and 5 on each lower unit, ensuring tanning sessions that are not only shorter and more effective but also highly comfortable, thanks to a powerful ventilation system that can be adjusted by the user.

12 Minute Max Tan Time  |  Rated UVA 99% UVB 1%  |  Evolution Reflectors to Provide Even Glow  |  

On/Off Option for Facial Lamps  |  Built-In Turbo Body Fans  |  User-Adjustable Ventilation System  |  

KBL Alpha 6800

If there is one thing that sets the KBL Alpha 6800 apart from the competition, then it definitely has to be the long list of features it has to offer. Its state-of-the-art tanning system offers shoulder tanning, adjustable facials, a body misting system, a contoured flat tanning surface, adjustable ventilation and air conditioning, among others, all accessible using the INTELLISUN Fingertip Controls to adjust the different settings you desire.It is also programmed to have an adjustable UV exposure system that electronically adjusts the right amount of UVA/UVB output according to the tanner’s skin type. Its total output of 13,000 watts is brought about by a total of 48 high performance tubes which is more than enough UV power for up to 10 minutes of tanning.

48x160 W Bed Tanner  |  2x250W Shoulder Tanner  |  4x500W Controllable Face Tanner  |  Aromatherapy System  |  aquaCool System  |  mp3/iPod Compatible Music System  |  MegaVoice  |  Pure Air System  |  Thermostatic Cabin Temp Control


The Versa Spa™ Spray Booth from MagicTan® is the world’s first automatic sunless tanning treatment that helps bronze, hydrate, and smoothes your skin in a minute. It is designed for those who want a golden tan, but prefer not to use the UV light emitting lamps that tanning beds use. One of its prime feature offering is the intelliSENSE™ Control which gives users a choice of three different full body skin treatment solutions: Skin Clear Bronzing, Skin Instant Bronzing, or Skin Hydration/Moisturizing.

Infrared Body Warmer  |  intelliSENSE™ Control  |  Sunless Hydrating Prep Spray  |  EZ-2 Breath Feature  |  Comfort-Dry Feature  |  Voice Prompts  |  Anti-Aging Moisturizer Available  |  Auto-Dry Feature  |  Tan Results Last 7-10 Days


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