Indoor Tanning Lotion

Why is Tanning Lotion Essential?

Many new, inexperienced tanners mistakenly believe tanning lotion is not important for an indoor tan. However, even though you are tanning indoors, lotion is still necessary to get a tan that looks good and lasts as long as possible. Here’s what tanning lotion does for you:

  • Gives you a more even tan
  • Helps you absorb UV light to give your tan a darker look
  • Makes it take less time to achieve your desired look
  • Helps you tan much faster
  • Saves you money by not requiring you to go to as many sessions to get the tan you want

If you don’t use tanning lotion, you run the risk of getting an unattractive, blotchy tan. Dry skin that does not receive any lotion also sheds, causing your tan to disappear faster. Also, the first 5-7 minutes of your tanning experience will be ineffective because dry skin reflects UV light.

In addition to helping with your tan, many lotions also include anti-aging properties, skin tightening ingredients, and help you just stay looking young and beautiful in general.

Recommended Tanning Lotions

For the best look, here are a few brands we recommend you to use:

California Tan

This company creates products with the philosophy that great skincare should be as easy as choosing a great color.

Designer Skin

“Nutrition for the Skin” is the motto of this company. Designer Skin uses advanced ingredients and superior formulations to give your skin the nutrition it deserves.

Australian Gold

This company helps you achieve the color you desire, while giving you the protection you need. Their products are designed to give you the best tan that lasts the longest time possible.

Swedish Beauty

Founded on the idea of using vitamins to improve your skin’s health, Swedish Beauty caters to individuals looking for the best quality tan possible. 95% of its products are natural.

Each brand carries a number of facial lotions, tan extenders, skin moisturizers, and tanning intensifiers, bronzers, and a number of other related products. However, we’ve found that everyone responds a little differently to each product, and we know you have your own goals in tanning. Some people do it just for the relaxation and physical health benefits, while others are there to achieve a dark, attractive look.

Whatever your goal happens to be, make sure to speak to our smart-tan certified staff to discover which of these tanning products best meets your needs.